Thursday, November 7, 2013

Behind the Scenes: Glam

My best friend and sister-in-law, Robin, came along for a recent shoot with Simply Emily Photography, Elena, and I. When Robin is around, we tend to get a little goofy. As a result of our fun, we ended up with some great behind the scenes shots!

Elena was such a great sport! We got lots of fun pictures with her, goofing around with us :)


We had some fun with wigs!

Most Adorable Maternity Shoot

I met Sara Bell when she was the photographer at our wedding! Nathan and I had such a blast with her that we instantly became friends.

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to do the makeup for her maternity pictures, shot by Simply Emily Photography. Emily thought up a neat concept and we ended up having a lot of fun with it.

I hope you enjoy!

After getting Sara all dolled up (in makeup, a dress, and a gorgeous flower crown), we headed out to find the perfect location. We drove to a nearby field with with the car full to the brim with a bed frame, mattress, pillows and more. Once we arrived, Emily set up the bed and we covered in white sheets, blankets, and throws (all the while, paying close attention not to dirt anything).

We must have looked quite out of place with a white bed in the middle of a field on the side of the road!

Sara is the cutest!

Gorgeous Girl: Nirvana

I did another fun shoot with Simply Emily Photography.
This was my favourite shot of the day. That bold eye peaking out through her mess of hair - adorable!

Look #1: We put all focus on her eyes for this look. I used black, greys, silvers, and whites. To top it off, I used a light pink lipstick with gloss. I also want to note the great styling by Amanda Vernon (love that top and those bracelets!)

Look #2: This was a much simpler look. I used a little concealer to brighter her complexion and added a little colour with blush. I kept the rest natural, with a little shadow, liner and mascara in browns, beiges, and black. Lastly, I lined her lips and gave her a pop of gloss.

Here’s a cute shot while we were goofing around :)